Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Scoring still an issue with the Ice

1. 17 games following the trade for Montreal draft pick Tim Bozon and the Ice remain one of the lowest scoring teams (19th overall) in the WHL. 4 goals for the Ice so far since the trade but he's getting better with more and more chances. Probably one of the best players for the Ice Wednesday.

2. Watching the Ice-Giants game on Shaw Wednesday night, you think that Don Hay might start Cranbrook product Peyton Lee in the nets? Not a chance. Mind you, Jarod Rathgen was solid.

3. The suddenly cold Ice power play finally notched one to tie the score at 2 Wednesday night but for as good at it looks, I wonder why guys like Jon Martin or Zach Macphee don't get more of a shake.

4. Jaedon Descheneau is the team's leading scorer but for a team that doesn't score much, taking a lazy penalty with five minutes left in a 2-2 hockey game - in which the Giants scored the game-winner - doesn't bode well for a guy wearing a letter. He didn't see the ice the rest of the game.

5. This one might be a hindsight is 20-20 but really, why would utility veteran Jeff Hubic be traded at this point in the season? Following Wednesday night's game and the loss of D Tanner Faith to a shoulder injury, there isn't a lot of forethought there. With the injuries to Faith and the delay in the arrival of Valiev, Hubic was a solid fill-in and he's plays both the blueline and forward. Faith is going to be out once again - I think it's his shoulder again and I have real money that say it's surgery - and Valiev has an outside shot at the World Juniors. Couple that with the likelihood that Reinhart will be with Team Canada, Bozon with likely be with Team Switzerland and now Chynoweth will also miss some time with what looks like a concussion after he left the game in the second period Wednesday. Hubic's versatility is going to missed something fierce over the next month.... And for a 7th round pick?????

6. With the bunch up of the teams chasing a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference - 9 points seperate 1st from 9th, with Kootenay now checking in with a 15-14-2 record with 32 points having lost three straight - you could see this club loose valuable ground in the playoff race, missing those key guys over the next month.

7. Line juggling was the order of the day Wednesday. I counted 7-8 combinations with the top six guys and the injury to Chynoweth.

8. The play of Rathjen aside Wednesday - he was good but I don't think he won them the game - it's been a long while where I've seen a team (Kootenay) dominate for long stretches but fail to score, nevermind win.

9. Is Reinhart a shoe-in to play for the World Juniors? I think so.

10. Sutter has decided to have a World Junior Camp that will produce only three cuts (two forwards, one D-man and no goalies). Agree or disagree?

Finally, all the concussion talk and lawsuits filed against the NHL must have the junior hockey operators pretty nervous. We're talking minors playing the game here and possibly millions in liability if ever there was a lawsuit in the junior circuit. The game itself is vulnerable unless things change.

Finally, part two, not happy about the Rogers buying the Canadian rights to hockey on TV starting next year. It will ultimately lead to the demise of Hockey Night in Canada, at least on CBC. It's a shame an institution would fade away.

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Iceagogo said...

You are bang on with your comments Jeff. By the way, it is good to have your blog active again, as you are the only one who calls a spade a spade in the media. ( ex media in your case, I guess ). Tried to listen to Hollick last night but went to the internet to catch the game on Vancouver radio. Hollick pbp brutal, to say the least. I also wonder why Ryan C is back in Crbk after playing his midget hockey in Lethbridge and not in Cranbrook. No other WHL team want him???? It seems more apparent to me that this team is managed so as to fail and move on. Hockey atmosphere completed gone out of the rink as fans sit on their hands as there is not much to get excited about. You are correct about Hubic. Worked hard with limited talent, but still produced results. Ah, well, Junior A in the future for this city???