Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ice win streak to six; Simpson to Lethbridge

It might not always be pretty - the Ice might have the best 1-2-2 in the league - but you can't argue with the results.
The Kootenay Ice leapfrogged the Brandon Wheat Kings and moved into 11th in the Eastern Conference standings with a 2-1 win over the Edmonton Oil Kings Tuesday night at WFP.

Mackenzie Skapski and Laurent Brossoit put on a goaltending clinic on the night with each stopping 30+ shots as the Ice notched their 6th straight win.

Much speculation on the night as many wondered if it was the last game in an Ice uniform for D Joey Leach and F Brock Montgomery. Both, especially Leach, played well in the club's sixth straight win.

With the Thursday WHL trade deadline set to hit at 3PM Mountain Time Thursday the Ice raised a few eyebrows when they dealt 18-year-old D-man Mike Simpson to the Lethbridge Hurricanes for a 5th round pick in the 2013 Draft. Simpson, a big (6'4" 208lbs) stay-at-home D-man found himself in a fight for ice-time with 17-year-old Tanner Faith and D Matt Thomas, also 17, even though the club only had 6 D-men on the roster.

Jeff Hubic, now a forward but who started with the club as a blueliner, could be converted back to the blueline to give the club six but the transaction make this interesting as the deadline approaches tomorrow.

The aforementioned Leach and Montgomery make the most attractive assets on the block but don't expect both of them to go. And another wrinkle, if no deal is made for either player, do the Ice add say, 20-year-old D-man Ryley Miller who was released by the Brandon Wheat Kings Tuesday as the club had to get down to three overage players - Nick Buonassisi, Tyler Yaworski and Micheal Ferland, who was returned from the pro ranks. Miller played 241 games in the WHL notching 37 points in five seasons with a whopping  537 PIMS. If you're looking for some toughness on the blueline to add for nothing, Miller's the guy. He's not afraid to chuck 'em.

Some deals today limit the available spots for a 20 around the league though as the Oil Kings filled their spot by acquiring F Trevor Cheek from the Vancouver Giants for a 2nd round pick in the 2013 draft, which isn't cheap but thought to be cheaper than the asking price for Leach or Montgomery, which is thought to command a player and a pick in return.

I believe only Red Deer have a 20-year-old spot open in the league.

The move by the Ice opens up a spot for a 20-year-old or a prospect to be brought up on the blueline, or Hubic will move back. Otherwise something should happen tomorrow.


ELL said...

Could they really get no more than that for Simpson. I realize there had to be a falling out but just the standard going rate must be higher?

Anonymous said...

Anyone think of what would happen if Joey got called up to Jets?!!!!

Jeff said...

Leach isn't signed so I can't see him getting called up to a 30-man training camp with the Jets.

As for the price, well, his foot speed and his decision making in his own end probably dictated the price. It could come back to bite the Ice but I doubt it. I have been wrong before though.

Anonymous said...

Benoit gone to Blades!! Good for him. Two 20's we have were to soft to trade to give anyone any toughness. Monty is trying this yr but not not sure why now when he's 20. Softest 19yr old in league last yr.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha now thats just plain ..........!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So it looks like all the ice got this year is a bunch of later picks. Getting caught up in the percentage game win/loss and making playoffs every year is a poor way to build for the future. I like Vans approach to rebuilding. Last yr the ice should have got rid of Lu or Reinhart or both. Where would the Ice be now if we got something for those two instead of nothing. Swallow your pride JC and start making good choices. Lets look at some this year. The two Euros, that was a fail. Trading to top 95 prospects to Van. Fail. The trade from Everett,Fail. Taking Muray as 1st pick last yr when everyone had him as 4th round at best?? Time will tell. Mix in some bad luck with Chewy and Wands departure due to injuries and boy!! My grandson could be gm and make better choices. Looking for diamonds in the rough in late draft picks will sink this team. Wake up call JC.

Jeff said...

So what do you want? A team that is set up to fail in order to obtain a high pick or a young team that works hard to have an outside shot at the playoffs?

You try to make the team better but you don't make dumb decisions to have a shot at something that's not guaranteed. They're 2 years removed from a championship. If you expect no rebuild time they you don't know what you're talking about.

As for the poster who called Montgomery soft, you've obviously never played the game. Or if you truly believe that, you should have the nuts to tell him to his face.

Nothing worse than a chickenshit behind an anonymous post.

ELL said...

Benoit was getting the ice time, I wonder why he wanted to leave. Nice to see him and the team work it out civilized. Sounds like all the guys we have left really want to be here so should form a good nucleous going forward. Glad to see us keep Monty and Leach and they sure seem unselfish in sharing their knowledge. I personally have really like JC transactions over the past years, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Really Bromley! A guy who hides behind a mask calling anonymous posts chicken? Who's the real coward Bromley? Take a look in the mirror. Better yet take off the mask and show your face.

Jeff said...

If you knew anything, you'd know that's my cousin Gary who played for the Canucks from 1979-81.

My picture's been in the paper every week when I was covering the Ice for the Advertiser for the better part of 13 seasons.

My name's out there and for all to see, where's yours? Who's the coward? At least when I disagreed with Chynoweth and what deal he made, I told him to his face or at least wrote it in the paper for all to see.

If had criticism for a player, I asked him about it in an interview to his face. You do that with Montgomery?

This space is for any and all Ice fans to express their opinion with a constructive argument and I don't have a problem with anyone disagreeing with me or the way Chynoweth runs the team, but at least have the nuts to put a name to the criticism.

No hiding here, at least from me.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Jeff gives a shit what you think Bromley? I doubt it. Go back to your house league hockey coaching and stay out of the bigs. Your opion means the same as everyone else that posts here. Nothing but an opion. If you start taking things personally you best shut it down. Never heard of your cousin either by the way.

Jeff said...

Again, it doesn't matter if Jeff Chynoweth cares what I think. You miss the point, again, that this space is for people to state their opinion, for or against, but in a respectful, constructive manner.

If you want to criticize, fire away, me or the team or whatever, but again, I noticed you failed to identify yourself.

BTW, haven't coached house since my boy was in first year Atom. You ever coached? Played? By the sounds of it, no.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you repeat what I just said?? Anyway, it is my opion.. that Jeff made some trades this year that did not benifit the Ice one little bit. If you were his boss would you be patting him on the back or asking questions? First question would be why did you fire your coach and not try to work things out last year. Another poor decision in my opion.

Jeff said...

No, I didn't repeat what you said.

If you disagree with the trades, then fine, that's okay.

I just dislike when it seems to become personal (with any player, coach or GM).

Personally, as a fan, my expectations aren't that sky high because of the junior hockey cycle. If this was two years from now, or maybe even next year, there'll be much more expectation of success.

As for the trades this year, I like the deal for Macphee, didn't like the deal for Vetterl but there could be more to that with the players that went the other way (Krabben and Morris) If they play with the Giants and light it up, well, then we'll have the answer. They are currently not with the Giants.

Simpson, Benoit? Who knows? I wasn't in the room and don't know what the relationship was. But time will tell. They tried to fill the D-man spot with Ryley Miller from Brandon but it doesn't look like he wants to come and will stay in Junior A in Manitoba.

Just looking for some good discussion here, not trying to start a brawl.

Cup Half Full said...

I agree with Jeff. This year was a given that it would be a rebuilding year. Jeff C. has always brought a top notch product to the ice. He knows how to build a hockey team. Unfortunately some fans don't care for the rebuilding stage and become very impatient. In the next 2 seasons or so we should have an awesoome team. There is no need to get rude towards anyone. In my opinion the hockey team itself is not the concern; our attendance is. In the meantime this season ticket holder will continue to go to the games and support our team, no matter at what stage of rebuilding they are at. They deserve our support even through the bad times. I always hear what a great hockey town Cranbrook is. Well, I'm not seeing it. Are you? I hope that more of these so called hockey fans in this so called hockey town get out to tonight's game and cheer our ICE on as they try to win their 7th straight. It looks to me like the challenge isn't getting the team going; its getting this town going. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. GO ICE GO!

Anonymous said...

Well said "cup half full"!! I agree, rebuilding is a lesson in patience but i think the boys have shown in the last few games, it isn't skill they lack, but maturity(AGE). This is coming with every game they play. It may require some fine tuning but learning how to win is important too (thus the drive to make playoffs is a great goal to try and acheive)... I absolutely agree with JC's decision to keep the 20 year olds, the experience and leadership they will provide to their young teammates will prove VERY beneficial as they move forward without them next season.

fightstrap said...

Me and a friend said we didnt see a chapionship roster forming in place and obviously JC didnt either and is shipping the weak links out.

Simpson was not even close to living up to his potential he showed here as a 16 year old, I thought he would be a drafted D-man, but he lacks hockey sense and skating

Benoit was a heck of a worker but had ZERO finish when its comes down to it. A good gritty guy but the only scoring he was doing was from his very young linemates. Martin can now move up a line where he belongs playing.

The two of those guys mean nothing to the team compared to Leach and Brock!

Czerwonka was in my opinion, no big loss at all. in fact he was another dissapointment to me from his potential here as a 16 year old.

Wand was a loss, yes, thought he could be our next McNabb when he first showed up but his head was not in hockey anymore. what can ya do?

As for Brock being the softest 19 year old last year, now thats just a dam stupid comment. I sit close to the glass and benches and watch him goad and yad and wink and smile at players trying to get them to go and NOBODY wanted any of it! apparently that poster watches players and NOT hockey because I can see where a comment like that would come from, As a 17 year old here he kicked so many 19 and 20 year olds asses he got a rep that guys under 200lbs dont want to go with.

fightstrap said...

sorry i meant "I cant see where a comment like that comes from" regarding Brock.

And Bromley, I enjoy everything you put up here, some clowns just dont get it man. And most of know who Gary was too. Or at least us real hockey fans do eh!