Monday, March 26, 2012

Ice up against the wall, down 2-0 and headed home

The curse of the blown lead - something that's plagued this team like perhaps no other over the years - reared it's ugly head again Sunday in a 4-3 loss to the Oil Kings after holding a 3-2 lead up until the last five minutes.

Frustration could be the key word is that the Ice might feel they're not getting the breaks from the Zebras that the Oil Kings are - and on the second goal by the Oil it's quite clear that Lieuwen is interfered with prior to the goal - but at the end of the day a team always controls its own destiny and feeding the Oil Kings that many chances - 2-7 on the power play; 45 shots; it doesn't matter much as your goaltender can only do so much.

Highlites are here.

There is some game coverage here and here.

I was in transit while the game was on so it was difficult to give a full assessment on my part. I'll have more for the Wednesday, Thursday game albeit from afar.


Anonymous said...

I know if may be hard to believe with the number of shots taken but I thought the ICE played well. But with the Kings you can't make a mistake because they will take advantage of it. I thought this was Kootenay's game to win but was unfortunately wrong. Look forward to watching the next game, the King's stars are scared to go in the corner for the pounding they will take so hope that keeps up. GO ICE GO

Anonymous said...

I was there and even made comment on how the Kings had got that many shots??? Over 75% of there shots came from the power play and even strength the Ice had far more quality chances but couldn't finish on most. Young Sam R. given the chance he had with 30 sec left would score 99 out of a 100 on most nights. But not that night. He is young but he needs to figure out a way to get back on the score sheet with goals or assists. Game 3 decides all. Win that one and with mo on your side take game 4 and she's a new series. Good luck guys. Kick Ass!!

Regan Bartel said...

Hey Jeff. Good read. While I visit this blog only once and a while, you share your opinion on what happened, and to me, the reader, that is more interesting than reading something that I could find on the WHL website stats page. Good stuff.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the props Regan. Means lots coming from you.
Would love to do more but job is taking me away from the game more and more.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked at any of the other series score sheets? You will notice most of the 16 yr olds that played all season aren't even dressing for playoffs. That being said, look at the minutes the Ice rookies are playing against the leagues top team. How many teams in playoffs have 6-7 rookies in there line up? NONE. So lets just say this would be the upset of the century if the Ice come back to win this series. Give all the players some credit. They are competing and hopefully find a way to win in game 3. Go Ice!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely am sooo tired of listening to these games on the computer to have our announcers THRASH our players! I learn more about the other team and where their draft picks are than our own team. I DO NOT want to learn about the other team, I WANT to hear the excitement in our team. Thank God the players don't have to listen to that! Totally unacceptable, these guys should listen to others announce their teams' games to hear their excitement. One thing we don't have to worry about is our commentators being "homers" as it is totally the opposite.

Jeff said...

Listened to the game myself. I don't share your criticism and thought that the comments were fair and called-for.

Edmonton has a swack of young talent that is going to be at an NHL Draft near you. It's tough not to talk about them.

And blowing two straight leads in the third and some 25 leads this season makes things tough to get excited.