Monday, December 5, 2011

Ice go cold to end trip

The wheels come off the road trip for the Ice over the weekend as the nine-game road trip finally turned sour after winning the first six, the club dropped all three games through the East Division this weekend, blowing a four goal lead against PA Friday and then a pair of one-goal losses to Moose Jaw and Swift Current Saturday and Sunday.

The three-game slide leaves the club at 19-8-1-2 and 41 points, still tops in the Central and Eastern Conference but a point back of the Tri-City Americans for the overall WHL lead. The crowded Eastern Conference has the Ice only three points out of sixth place in a six-team logjam at the top.

I didn't have a chance to listen to the entire three games stretch as I was in Kelowna with my Bantam team but hey, 6-3 on a 9-game roadie isn't too shabby.

And as for the comments about Coach K and him losing a game, with his record and what he's done this year with this line-up I think he's earned some slack.

I dunno, maybe it's the coach in me but besides the 7-5 loss to PA in which Skapski got the hook after the club blew a four goal lead, a pair of one-goal losses on a team the relies more and more on a 16-year-old as a very big part of it's offence doesn't indicate a coaching issue to me.

On a scoring note, F Charles Inglis was sent home by the PG Cougars yesterday and one wonders if another WHL team would take a chance on him. Oodles of talent and loads of baggage. Could the strict environment of the defending champs be a good fit, who could certainly use the scoring depth? Would he ruin the room? How much would he cost?

The former 1st round pick (4th overall by Saskatoon) from Winnipeg is a dynamic power forward but seems to have trouble with team rules. He can put the puck in the net as evident by the 32 for the Cougars last season and 19 for a deep Blades team as a 17-year-old.

The fact he was passed over in the NHL Draft also speaks volumes.

I doubt he'd ever be in an Ice uniform but it's just something else to bandie about.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, did you see Reg Dunlop behind the bench for the Bronco's? Lamb is doing his best at making the Broncos the Charlestown Chiefs from the movie Slap Shot. I guess they figure if you can't get fans in the stands with hockey, get em in with fighting.

Anonymous said...

I heard yesterday he walked out on PG. Doesn't like it there and won't play there. Yes this ones a wild card, but an extra ace up the sleeve is always nice. Not sure who would try pulling that one.

Jeff said...

I didn't see/hear the game in Swift Current as I was coming back from Kelowna. So I don't get the Slapshot inference. Didn't see a lot of PIM's on the gamesheet.

As for Inglis, I think it would depend on what the price would be and whether it'd be worth the possilbe headache in the room.

Anonymous said...

Couple of hard hits in SC but nothing close to a fight even. The only thing thrown would have been the horse shoe if it feel out of SC goalies butt. Not sure about the Slapshot reference.

Anonymous said...

Wondering what is the fewest goals allowed in a season in the whl by a team? With everyone gunning for the Ice this season they have done a remarkable job in that category. Who do you think will step up and start finding the back of the net in the second half of the season. Yes I know its not half way yet, but very close.

notell said...

What do the ICE do this season? They lost almost all their top scorers(Fraser, King, Boomer, Eakin), save for Reinhart, and a huge chunk of their Defence(McNabb, Martin, Rintoul). Yet here they are, contenders again! Somehow this team is damn good together.

If they were to get a top 4 D man and an Emerson Etem say, they are in for a long run again I think.

They have arguably the hands down best Goalie in the WHL behind them in Nathan Lieuwen for his last season. Do they go for it again?

The trade for Eakin last year was a gimme for the ICE. Not one player in the deal was going to wear an ICE jersey imo. The picks they gave up were extras and a 1st round freebie from the David Musil deal.

So they are sitting fine for depth and drafting for the next few seasons still but would probly not want to disrupt the team chemistry to much by letting go to many current players in a blockbuster.

They need to make another smart move like last season and bring in two guys to top the team off. Another top scorer to take pressure off the reinharts all season long, and a top four D man.

anyone else have an opinion on the defending Champs? What should they do?

Dotell said...

Etem, hahahahahahahahahahaha. Thank you notell.

Anonymous said...

hey its christmas, he's on the wishlist for every team in the league. lol

Anonymous said...

Etem is a movable player, whats so funny? Brayden Schenn got traded, Cody Eakin got traded, Carter Ashton got traded, Wayne Gretzky got traded.

If medicine hat was looking for value and not a run why not? is he untouchable?

ELL said...

If we are still in the top four in our conference by the trade deadline the team has earned the right to compete with the players it has. If because of attrition we give up a 3rd pick for a role player that is ok. If we are out of the top four I think we should become a seller. Give the young players a chance to play, short term star players rarely work out. And yes I have not forgotten Eakin.

Anonymous said...

who could we move?

hockey fah said...

we should be buying not selling!weal bulmer a defenceman

Anonymous said...

Heard Mark Mcneill may be available. Remember him?? 5 points against the Ice in PA. Big forward 6-2 210. 31pts this season.