Thursday, October 27, 2011

Max named to WHL Subway Series team

F Max Reinhart was named to the WHL Subway Super Series team today. He'll play in both games scheduled to go in Regina and Moose Jaw November 16 and 17 against Team Russia.

Reinhart wasn't invited to the World Junior Summer Development camp but at least now he'll have a shot at doing it the long way as the Super Series is an identifier for Hockey Canada for those lucky enough to gain an invitation to the WJC Selection camp in December.

Thought maybe D Joey Leach might get some consideration at this level but it wasn't meant to be.

The release is here.


Anonymous said...

joeys like the rest of the first place team no it our media?

Anonymous said...

team cant make it easy great goal tending great d and our scoring is coming!

Anonymous said...

What about Nathan Lieuwen? What would he have had to have done to get considered for a spot? Top GAA and save% in the entire CHL isn't enough, especially coming off a season where he backstopped a bit of a longshot team to the WHL championship? If the Ice defensemen are so strong they just make the goaltenders look good, then surely one or two of them should have merited consideration.

Anonymous said...

nathan is to old it is under 20.And yes he is playing great!

worgan said...

don't understand why Lieuwen is too old at age 20...the age limit for the world junior is, i believe, 20 and under...even don cherry thought he should be on it....and don's never wrong!

Alan said...

The World Juniors are officially known as the IIHF U-20 Championships. As such, as you can tell from the name, they are only for players under the age of 20 on December 31. Basically, players born anytime in 1992 or later.

Lieuwen is already 20 and therefore is not eligible. Don Cherry or anyone else who says he should be on the team simply don't know the rules.