Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010 Bantam Draft Class Invites/2009 World U17

Forward Sam Reinhart, Kootenay's 1st Round Pick (15th overall) in the 2010 Bantam Draft is among the 33 player 'short list' of BC Hockey's High Performance Program that will be vying for a spot on Team BC that will compete in Halifax at the Canada Winter Games February 10-18.

The Games are held every four years and used to be in lieu of the World U-17 Hockey Challenge that used to take a hiatus for the CWG year as it's held in Canada every holiday season. This year however both look like they will be held as the World U-17 Challenge will go in Winnipeg over the holidays Dec 28, 2010 - January 4, 2011. The event will be in Winnipeg for 2011-12 also.

Interesting to note that Reinhart is listed as 5'11" 160-pounds and has put on two inches and 20 pounds from when he was drafted in April. That's some summer training regiment!

Others from Kootenay's Bantam Draft Class of 2010 to make their respective provincial lists:

D Tanner Faith (2nd round - 33rd overall) - is on Saskatchewan's Top 40 U-16 list
G Wyatt Hoflin (2nd round - 37th overall) - Hockey Alberta Top 35
F Luke Philp (3rd round - 59th overall) - Alberta
F Jaedon Deschaneau (3rd round - 62nd overall) Alberta
F Jesse Wood-Schatz (5th round - 97th overall) Alberta
D Cole DePape (4th round - 77th overall) Hockey Manitoba Top 35
F Jonothan Martin (7th round - 135th overall) Hockey Manitoba

F Ryan Chynoweth (2nd round - 24th overall; Everett Silvertips) and son of Ice GM Jeff Chynoweth was also on the list of Hockey Alberta's Top 35.

Each province will enter a 22-man roster for the tournament next Februrary. If memory serves this tournament, last held in Whitehorse four years ago, was a U-17 tournament that included the likes of Kevin King and Steele Boomer on the roster of Team Alberta. King and Boomer were 16-year-olds at the time.

With the U-16's taking over the Canada Winter Games, the U-17 Hockey Challenge in Winnipeg could feature the likes of the following Ice 16-year-olds looking for a spot on Team Pacific (BC - Alberta) and Team Western (Sask and Manitoba):

G Mackenize Skapski - BC
D Mike Simpson - BC
D Matt Benning - Alberta (not coming to Ice training camp)
F Colby Cave - Saskatchewan Top 45 Camp
F Jared Iron - Sask
F Levi Cable - Sask (Ice list player)
D Kurt Johnas - Manitoba

A good chunk of both the 2009 and 2010 Ice Bantam Draft classes in the mix for their respective provincial/regional clubs. Both will be announced later this fall.

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Anonymous said...

I think the ICE are making a mistake on the Goalie situation already. I felt that Jacyna was the keeper to be staying on alongside Tesky for the time being.

Jacyna seems very fluid and confident in net where the others seem to flutter and flail around to make saves. I thought last year he was the better man heading out of camp as well.

Really like Wyatt Hoflin as well, we got a steal there for a late pick. Tesky was pretty good over all thsi weekend too.

Thought That Luke Philp had a stellar cam and is a true legitamate prospect for next year maybe.

I didnt however see one single stand out player in the entire bunch, there is a lot of work to do here if we want to succeed this year. Dont we have one single star type player in the group or coming up? thought one of these guys at camp might have surfaced this weekend but not a one comes to mind.

Cave, Philp, Iron, Bloom and Rossignol all look like fun guys to watch for the future however. maybe we got a hot prospect coming through in one of them?

Mike in Cranny